Friday, July 30, 2004


I want to thank you miss because of your hard works around the course, and I want to say I am sorry for any mistakes that may I did in class, I know your heart is big to forgive us. Thank you again teacher I really enjoyed the course especially with yahoo group that makes me closer to all other girls in the class.

Know I will answer the questions that you gave to us in the final exam time.

1. Yes all the procedure and the objective about the project was clear enough for me.
2. I feel that I need more instructions about online lessons especially in how to built my own page in the internet, I am sure if I have more lesson in this I will enjoy it so much. I hope that I can learn about this activity soon when I have free time.
3. It is not difficult as well especially if we try to do it for many times.
4. I enjoy my work individually because I loved the title of my presentation so that I like all things that I done on it. I prefer to work with my self because some time the group partner my increase your work and they my not help you in any things and put me in trouble with teacher.
5. Of course online activity improve my reading and writing skill. Also some time it improved my speaking when I came familiar with teacher ways in built up the sentences when she send any MSG for us in the group or in my mail.
6. Of course the student need more lessons in the computeer lab because I think the theoritical learning need practice to improved it.
7. I enjoy the grammer activity because my weekness is here.
8. I hope in the fuater that you have page that teach student how can the built there pages in the internet and how to use Htm language ..also I want to study how to be hacker.
9. no this is not my first time in using powerpoint program. Of course I learned so many new things that I should avoid them in the fuater.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

iam hajer...I am 162 student in kuwait university...iam soo happy because of this chance to creat my own bloge I hope that it be beautifull and usefull thing in this course and other...